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Member Spotlight

Each month, we highlight one of our amazing members! This month we get to know TJ Parr of Esquire Insurance. If you're looking for great rates on homeowner's, renter's, and/or auto insurance, you have to talk to TJ! Because he represents multiple carriers, he can find you the best rate! Let's dive in...

Parr Family - Raymond Parr.jpg


What does your company do exactly?

Find competitive insurance rates and coverage that fits your personal and/or business needs. We represent over 50 insurance carriers including Allstate, Progressive, Mercury, and many more.

What does your company do BETTER than your competitors?

We take the time to do research that fits YOU. We find the best insurance rates on the market, and coverage that fits your needs. We don't include hidden coverage that you have no idea you have to raise your premium. We are truly in it for you. Our broad market of carriers gives us a better chance at finding a lower premium for your insurance needs.

What type of businesses would make a good referral partner for your business?

Mortgage broker, real estate agent, car salesman.

What inspires you each day?

My family!

What's one thing you wish people knew about your industry?

You don't pay me anything!

What prompted you to start your business?

Family business. I've been in it since the day I was born. I've seen my Grandfather, and my father take pride in what they do with honesty, and integrity. They loved what they did, and they always provided for their family. I thought it some good footsteps to follow.

Has your company received any awards or accomplishments?

We have received a Distinguished Agent award from Allstate 4 years in a row.

Past Member Spotlights

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