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Membership Information

If your business could benefit from establishing long-lasting relationships with other Trusted Professionals, that lead to the exchange of well qualified referrals, then you should consider becoming a member of MNRG. 



Look at the list of Filled Categories and Available Categories on the home page to see if your business category is currently available. If it is, then continue with the next step below. If your category is not available at this time, be sure to check back at a later date to see if it has become available. If your category simply isn't listed as filled or available, contact us to see if it can be added.



Review the New Member Guide Section of the MNRG By-Laws so you can make an informed decision about potential membership in MNRG.



You may attend up to two meetings as a visitor before deciding to submit an application for membership. Your application will be carefully reviewed by the Membership Committee and they will then make a recommendation to the Leadership Team for a final decision. 


Dues can be paid either monthly, quarterly or annually. Fees are as follows:


Application Fee (one-time): $50.00 

Quarterly Dues: $37.50 ($150 annually)

Additional Business Annual/Quarterly Dues: $75.00 / $18.75

NOTE: 10% discount will apply for an annual payment received by January 31 of the applicable membership year.


All payments due by end of the first month of the quarter (January 31, April 30, July 30, October 31).



If you believe that you are ready to build your business by being an active member of the Mountain Networking Referral Group, then please submit your application below. 


MNRG Membership Application
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