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Member Spotlight

Each month, we highlight one of our amazing members! This month highlights one of our newest members, Shelley Eyerly. Shelley was a former MNRG member under her former employer so her face should be familiar. Let's get started!

IMG_1953 - Shelley Eyerly.jpg

Shelley Eyerly
AirMedCare Network

(706) 487-9597

MNRG member since: 2021


What does your company do exactly?

AirMedCare Network’s alliance of affiliated helicopter and airplane air ambulances can provide medical treatment and transport, dramatically reducing travel time to an emergency facility for members and non-members alike. AirMedCare Network members enjoy the added value of never having to worry about out-of-pocket expenses when transported by an AirMedCare Network provider.

What type of businesses would make a good referral partner for your business?

Anyone can have an emergency requiring an air ambulance. That said, in 2021 I am focusing on riskier life activities such as rodeos and motorcycle/dirt bike establishments.

What inspires you each day?

Hearing stories of people who have needed our services and are here today because they were flown.

What prompted you to start your business?

The need in rural communities to have quicker access to the medical care they require.

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